Our Story

The Hinitan story starts way back in 2002 when one of the founders was leading an expedition deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea in search of a an ancient tribe.

On a cool morning in the highlands, Steven woke from his makeshift jungle accommodation to witness his guide, crushing black beans on a rock then roast the beans in a tin over an open campfire and added boiled river water.

The guide handed the tin over to Steven. He took his first sip and his eyes instantly lit up. This was a eureka moment for that tin of black tar was one of the best coffee he had ever tasted. This moment led him on a journey to capture this true taste of coffee and share it with the world.

Steven Ballantyne Co Founder of Hinitan Plantation

In 2014, Steven was introduced to a filipino local brew known as kapeng barako’ by his friend Winifred Articona. Stunned by the natural beauty of Batangas, they soon partnered up to established Hinitan Plantation, a 10-hectare coffee and cocoa plantation, in Lipa, Batangas. 

Winifred Articona - Co founder of Hinitan Plantation