Our Farm

The Hinitan Plantation is set on the steep banks of the breathtaking Taal lake, a volcanic crater lake on the island of Luzon, Philippines.
When we began in 2016, the land was pure jungle. Today, we have a balanced combination of agricultural land alongside the jungle areas which we preserved to support the natural habitats of many species of wildlife living on the farm. This also  includes troops of Philippine long-tailed Macaque monkeys which feature on our company logo.
We have a full-time, dedicated team who are working across the farm to ensure each tree is carefully managed, and kept hydrated. Our farm manager, Joan Fernandez, maintains detailed records on each tree and routinely monitors them for any sign of disease or infestation which could cause long term damage to the entire farm if it went unnoticed.
Hinitan jungle
Dedicated farmers on our Hinitan Plantation
Hinitan coffee trees