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We are a family run farm dedicated to preserving the rare and endangered Barako Liberica Coffee alongside producing a high-quality cacao both of which we sell internationally.

The Hinitan Plantation is a 10-hectare Coffee and Cacoa plantation in the heart of Luzon, Philippines.

The Hinitan Plantation is set on the steep banks of the breathtaking Taal lake, a volcanic crater lake on the island of Luzon, Philippines. Due to our unique location, we benefit from the rich volcanic soil that enhances the quality of the Coffee and Cacao we produce. The rich volcanic soil combined with the high altitude make it the perfect conditions for preserving the rare Barako Coffee and Batangas Cocoa.

Made With Cacao grown on the Hinitan Farm

Hand made in Hong Kong

Our chocolate, 75%, dark with a natural nutty flavour profile has been blended with a selection of fruits, nuts and spices selected for both quality and pairing to bring to you an extraordinary selection.

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The Hinitan Sharing Square

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The Hinitan Sharing Square
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Hinitan collection of coffee

From our own estate coffee to exceptional Arabica the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and East Timor.

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I tried two of Hinitan's beans and this blend is by far my favourite. i would ground it to fine and i would make espresso with this with my La Pavoni professionale. The flavour profile of this blend is well balanced and mildly acidic with a nutty end notes. the extraction with the La Pavoni results to a beautiful Crema and syrupy coffee.

A. Chester Ong

Nov 23, 2021


Way beyond the average, the Barako Liberica goes way beyond expectation - Highly recommended

V Chadderway

2021 - UK


I tried the Barako blend, the flavour and aroma is wonderful! my impression apart from the lovely aroma, there is a noticeably less bitterness associated with Liberia (barako) but instead it has a dark chocolatey kind of bitterness at the end which I think is lovely. This is a wonderfully smooth blend and I highly recommend it over the more expensive and fancy beans that we get in hk. this blend is a joy when served with Biscotti

a.chester ong

December 21, 2021


Today, we have a balanced combination of agricultural land alongside the jungle areas which we preserved to support the natural habitats of many species of wildlife living on the farm.

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The Hinitan Plantation is one of the Prize sponsors of the 2022 Expat Living Hong Kong Readers Choice Awards.
For this very special event we have created a unique coffee & Chocolate sensory experience for one lucky winner and their guests.

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Visit our new Hong Kong showroom and enjoy an exclusive coffee and chocolate tasting. You can also purchase our full range of coffee, cold brew coffee, handmade chocolates and for you home baristas, whole bean coffee freshly ground to order.

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